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History of Enseas

ENSEAS was created in March 2012 by Christian Klein, a French engineer with 30 years experience in M&E work. Christian worked for major worldwide company as CARREFOUR, ELF in Angola and well knows air-conditioning company in France. Christian has also experienced the Cambodian market as he worked for Comin Khmer for 4 years before opening his own company.


  • Provide our customers the latest technology and expertise.
  • Develop long term and mutual beneficial relationships with our customers, employees and business partners.
  • Respect deadlines, Stay Flexible to fit our clients schedule.
  • Advise undertakings projects, to propose the best solution at the best value for money.
  • Help you comply with safety and environmental standards.


To continue to ensure the stability of the company, Enseas strives to manage growth, operational risks and debt in a flexible and prudent manner.
The key strategic axes for reaching these objectives are:

Professional Formation

Enseas recruits experimented, qualified employees and ensure their prosperity throught regular professional formation.

High Quality Work

Happiness and Safety at work are an integral part of our success. Our offices are completely adapted to new technologies and technicians benefit of the best tools and protections.

  • Integrity and Respect

We conduct our Business in accordance with the highest professional behavior and ethic. We really embrace individual's unique talents and values. We like to operate in a spirit of cooperation whatever we undertake.

Perfect Risk Assessment

Our approach involved a Teamwork time on infrastructure and processes early into the project, to ensure the shortest implementation time in the best conditions.

Long Term Relation
  • Reliability
  • Proximity
  • Transparency
  • Fair Price
  • Ongoing ability to innovate
  • Perfectly attuned to your vision and needs
  • Confidence-building measures
  • Durability
  • Dedication
  • We go further in the study of your project
  • We strive to Prevent our customers to avoid any maintenance intervention

This is why our Major clients continue to trust our expertise.

Certifications and Standards

All our services are in full compliance with international standards. More than that we are able to help you fit any kind of certification.

Our experienced team in high standard project is our key added value.

Davuth The Multi-task Employee Profil

  • When did you start working for ENSEAS?
    I joined ENSEAS the 1st November, 2013.
  • What's your position?
    I am a computer aided-designer (CAD). I use to draw plan, layout, diagrams, typical installation. Using AutoCAD 2D. I also prepare specification, Design reports, BOQ, Prepare As-built documents.
  • Do you have any other responsibility?
    My second role is to supervise and take care of Health, Safety and Environment issues.
    • By Managing overall planning and scheduling to projects.
    • By Liaison with General Contractor and Owners.
    • By coordination and Communication on operational objectives with the Project Manager on a daily basis.
    I also Ensure training, tool box meetings, and drills which are implemented as part of the company’s offshore training and HSE program, i.e. emergency response systems, etc.
  • Do you have any hobbies after work?
    I like to play football and volleyball with my friends.
    I also play online games and watch Tv Show!
  • How do you feel about Enseas?
    For me, I feel great & warm to work here. Everybody help each other on work, we are like family. Especially my boss, I like his attitude.
    Thanks ENSEAS.

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